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In tough economic times, failing to have proper and legal employment practices opens a business up to government investigations and lawsuits. The exposure to a business in those instances can be huge and can threaten the viability of the company's future. Keeping up to date, making employment decisions based on the best legal advice and anticipating problems can save a business from destructive legal challenges.

My name is Lawrence M. Donoghue, and I'm an employment and labor lawyer serving the Chicago area and the state of Illinois. Clients are Illinois businesses that employ 15 to 500 workers, as well as top managers at those kinds of firms. We deliver the best legal advice and value to businesses in a timely, professional manner. Client needs always come first.

Respected Cook County Labor Law Attorney

Businesses seek my advice because they either have or they anticipate a serious problem at their company.

Perhaps the business has been notified by the National Labor Relations Board that the employees are seeking to have a union represent them. Or, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sent a letter asking for information on an employment discrimination claim brought by a former employee. Or, the U.S. Department of Labor is investigating allegations that the business failed to pay overtime for the last two years.

We Are With Our Clients for the Long Term

Our firm is not a place for quick fixes. Our sights are set on the long term, anticipating employer problems before they get out of hand. Think of us as your business's legal bodyguard. We know what dangers businesses face from current employees, former employees and government agencies. Our goal is to address and minimize these problems before they become serious threats.

Experienced at Writing Executive Employment Contracts

It is gratifying to serve Chicago-area employers and executives and to help solve their problems. I invite you to call and discuss any clouds looming on your horizon.

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