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One of the biggest mistakes lawyers can make is to ignore a government investigation or lawsuit, or advise a client to do so. If a government agency informs a company of a problem, the lawyer does everything to withhold cooperation or obstruct the investigative process.

Why is this a mistake? Because the agency will conclude from this attitude that you have something to hide, and double its efforts. Obstructionism never wins.

The reason I know how to participate in the investigative process is because I have 30 years experience doing it the right way. This experience and knowledge usually results in dismissal of any claim at the administrative level. The cost savings to a business is significant and can rescue the business from ruin.

Who is Lawrence M. Donoghue?
Serving clients with the highest degree of attention and professional care is why Lawrence M. Donoghue & Associates, PC, exists. I'm the attorney who does the work. I answer my own phone, and I answer it promptly, getting back to people whether it's nighttime or the weekend. Your important issues and concerns are addressed directly and in a timely fashion, and are never lost in the shuffle or sent to someone further down the chain. You will deal with me directly.

Enforceable Employment Contracts

The workplace is stressful on the best of days and business is competitive always. But there are many ways to protect your business by the smart use of employment policies and practices that are legal and enforceable. You can also protect your company's trade secrets and confidential information, as well protect your relationships with customers from poaching, by the use of employment agreements.

Labor and employment law doesn't stand still. It is constantly changing, driven by politics and economic change. Businesses that imagine they don't need to keep up with these changes are deluding themselves.

Illinois employers need their own strong advocate, an attorney who can identify challenges before they get out of hand, and take steps necessary to address them.

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